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Cebu City Philippines Temple

The Cebu City Philippines Temple is the 133rd temple built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the second Mormon temple in the Philippines. Latter-day Saints from the Visayas and Mindanao islands attend the Cebu City Temple and find peace as they draw closer to God.

This temple was built with both international and local materials. International flavor includes mountain grey granite from China, stone from Italy and Greece and Sapele mahogany from Africa. The temple’s interior includes fabrics and art patterned with flowers native to the country, and pearls are a prominent motif — they are harvested in the Philippines and have scriptural significance. Rooms in the temple include a baptistry; instruction rooms; a celestial room, which represents heaven on earth or eternal life with God; and sealing rooms, where marriages are performed.

Before the Cebu City Philippines Temple was dedicated, Church members had to travel to the Manila Philippines Temple — some having to journey 30 hours via boat. For many, it still takes 10 or 12 hours to get to Cebu City. However, the shorter distance means they can attend the temple every few months, rather than just once per year. Worthy members who attend the temple receive instruction and commit to living Christlike lives. Members believe that if they stay true to their commitments, they can not only gain eternal life with God but also live forever with their families.

The temple was announced on April 18, 2006, and the groundbreaking ceremony was held a year and half later. When the temple was complete, special tours were given to prominent members of the community, and a public open house was held from May 21 to June 5, 2010. Tour guides showed a video about the significance of temples, led visitors around the temple grounds, which include housing for patrons and a meetinghouse, and gave visitors a tour of the temple.

Although many Church members attended the open house, people from other religious backgrounds toured the temple as well. Sister Elnora, a member of the Catholic Religious of the Assumption, said, “After going through the tour, the gap has been bridged and I now understand the significance of temples to the members of your Church. I was very impressed with the feeling of sacredness inside the temple and the dedication and care put into building this temple.”1 A member of the Buddhist faith, the Venerable Miao Chen, Fu Guang Chu Un Temple, stated, “The temple is a special and holy place. Our favorite part of the temple was the celestial room. It felt very comfortable and peaceful.”2 Over 45,000 people participated in the open house — three times the number expected.

On June 12, the night before the temple dedication, youth performed in a cultural celebration. Due to the limited space in Cebu Coliseum, 2,000 youth performed live while another 2,000 were recorded and shown on television screens. Dance numbers highlighted the many cultures that have influenced the nation, including Spanish and American.

Church President Thomas S. Monson attended the celebration and took time to address the youth: “When you go home tonight, write in your journal what you saw here this evening and how you felt. Years from now, you will be telling your children and your grandchildren about the opportunity you had to participate in such a tremendous cultural celebration.”3

The Cebu City Philippines Temple was dedicated the next morning, on June 13, 2010. In the dedicatory prayer, President Monson asked God to bless the Latter-day Saints: “Open wide to their view the gates of learning, of understanding and of service in Thy kingdom. Build within them strength to resist the temptations of the world. Give them the will to walk in virtue and faith, to be prayerful and to look to Thee as their constant anchor.”4

These faithful Latter-day Saints can now attend the temple more frequently, and as they do so, they believe they will be blessed and strengthened by God.

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