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Construction Updates

Updates to the progress of the Philadelphia Temple's construction.

June 21, 2016

Construction on temple and meetinghouse will be complete -- interior and exterior - by end of June. The inside finishing is just a few electrical items, with miscellaneous paint touch up. What is acceptable in most buildings is not for the temple; our temple has to be as close to perfect as possible. We are so grateful that the contractor respects and appreciates this vision. The contractors and workers understand that this is considered “The House of the Lord”. The temple has a different feel to our construction team and they know that it is a sacred building. They are dedicated and are spending the time to do it over and over to get it perfect. On the outside, we continue to install pavers, landscaping, walks, and lighting. Currently we only have about 25% of the lights on the temple. It will truly be glorious and beautiful when all the lighting is complete in the next few weeks. 

Some landscaping may continue into July.  

The residential tower is scheduled for completion in late 2017.

May 10, 2016

It has been a wonderful spring for work on our Philadelphia Temple! The inside is complete, inspected and cleaned. This week the furniture, rugs, mirrors, and artwork will be delivered.

Progress on the outside plaza includes: Japanese Maple trees, dark granite pavers along the walkway, a granite wall panel with inscription, and the dark bronze entry doors to the temple.

By the end of May, small plantings, bushes, lawn and flowers will be getting planted. By the end of June, all the ground lights, tree lights, and main lights, lighting up Moroni, will be complete.

April 18, 2016

The outside of the Philadelphia Temple is complete! Landscaping, pavers, and fencing are now being placed, along with the first plantings. Everything is on track to be completed and ready for the Open House, starting August 10th!

March 5, 2016 

Yesterday the Philadelphia Temple’s inscription stone, “Holiness to the Lord" "The House of the Lord” began to be placed onto the temple! 
The third and fourth floors are in the very final stage, the “architectural punch list." This is when the architect goes through to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect! Within the next two weeks, the second floor should be complete. The first floor’s font and rails are being installed. By the end of March the interior of the temple should be complete. Furnishings and artwork will be in place by mid-May. 
Granite is being placed on the walls of the outer plaza and landscaping should be complete by the end of April, if weather cooperates. 
Everything looks to be ready for the Open House in August! 

January 30, 2016

The winter at the Philadelphia Temple construction site has been mild, with the exception of the recent winter storm. Even that wasn’t too bad at the temple site--workers were able to be back to work with only one lost day! Construction is moving along very well and all are excited for the Temple Open House just announced (Friday, 5 August to Saturday, 3 September).

Scaffolding on the eastern spire is slowly being removed. There are still the metal roof, lights, and additional granite to be finished. By mid-February, the exterior of the building should be almost complete.

The interior of the Philadelphia Temple is coming along well. Fourth floor has carpet and the wood flooring is sealed. Furniture should arrive the first of May. The third level is also carpeted, painted, and seating is being installed. Painting on the second floor is almost done--then carpeting and finishing the wood flooring. Lockers are on site and are beginning to be installed in dressing rooms. The first floor trimwork is finished and is now in the painting stage. There is still much work to be done in the “back of the house” areas: garages, mechanical rooms, and also the exterior plaza. The landscaping will be taken care of in the spring.

December 30, 2015 the Angel Moroni is placed atop our beautiful Philadelphia Temple!

End of the year 2015, the Philadelphia Temple is beautiful, even if the weather on December 29th is a bit foggy!

The temple interior is nearly complete.  Painting on the second, third and fourth floors are almost done with the celestial room and dressing rooms’ painting underway.  Next will be carpeting throughout these floors.  In mid-December, the oxen were placed on the first floor and the baptismal font tile will soon be completed.  Both sides of the grand stairs are almost complete. By late spring, the interior should be done, with just a few miscellaneous small jobs to complete.

 The exterior of the temple will have the east steeple completed in early January.  Then the scaffolding is taken down and by the end of January it will look like a completed building, weather cooperating!  Finally, waterproofing, block, and dirt backfill will be done in the plaza before landscaping work will be able to move forward.

End of September 2015, the cornice lighting is complete. Granite work progresses on the east entrance around the celestial room window and the north parapet. Caulking on the north elevation and western side of the temple continues. The south parapet is complete, as is the caulking on the south side and scaffolding is being removed. Work continues on both spires, with completion of those projected for the fall. Inside, the wood flooring, railing, and banisters on the stairs of the 4th floor have begun. Work on the 3rd floor continues with painting, hanging lights, and finishing the celestial room plaster and wood trim. The 2nd floor trim work is complete and is almost ready for paint. The 1st floor trim is almost finished, just the lobby entrance remains to be done. In the basement, setting the oxen, the tile inside the font, as well as the fiberglass exterior has begun. The focus is now on the exterior plaza waterproofing, which will continue through the winter with planting in the spring. The work is great, the spirit is great and we are privileged to have a great work force that feels the significance of this spiritual edifice.

By the end of August 2015, the granite is complete up through the cornice. Work on the towers, parapet, and cornice roof continues. The goal is to still have the exterior complete, cleaned and caulked by the end of November if all goes well. On the interior of the temple, the painting and trim on the 4th level is complete and all of the chandeliers are installed. Plaster and wood trim on the 3rd floor, including the celestial room, is almost concluded and painting has begun. The large eastern windows are installed and granite is being installed around them. The 2nd floor wood trim is complete and will be ready in the next couple of weeks for plaster to begin, followed by painting. The 1st floor sheetrock is complete and wood trim is near the finishing point. The font tile is about two weeks out and then plaster and further trim will be started. Work on the exterior plaza has begun and will continue as the building scaffolding is removed following the granite installation. By the end of the year, the granite exterior should be complete, and the plaza waterproofed and ready for winter work. It is exciting to see the temple rise.




In June 2015, the work on the temple heads into the finishing stages. The exterior granite work begins on the cornice, parapet, and on the west tower. The interior work includes: painting on the 4th floor; plaster and millwork on the 3rd floor; millwork on the 2nd floor; and sheetrock completion on the 1st floor. The neighboring stake center is complete with footings and walls, with the structural steel nearly complete; it is still planned to be done for the temple open house.




In June 2014, the topmost piece of steel is “topped out” with a Christmas tree and an American flag in a traditional ceremony, dating back to ancient Scandinavia, possibly Egypt, and maybe even Native Americans. Whatever the original source, this ceremony has now become a tradition in America. On the very topmost piece of steel, an evergreen tree and an American flag are attached. These eventually were removed as construction continued. Usually, as part of this traditional construction ceremony, the topmost piece of steel is also painted white and all of the iron-workers sign it; however, the Church requested them not to do so in the case of our temple and the workers honored our request. The only name on our temple will be the Lord’s, “Holiness to the Lord.” This request is being honored on every aspect of the building. Graffiti is normally found throughout the building process, and the workers are making sure that even in areas not viewed by anyone, there is absolutely no graffiti. We are so grateful for the respect they are showing to our beloved Philadelphia Temple.

In September 2013, the temple site is a hole in the ground, as excavations are underway.

In September 2012, the temple site is a parking lot.  

On October 4, 2008 a temple in Philadelphia is announced. 

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