The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Mormon Temples

Hartford Connecticut

Hartford Temple Construction Update

We are nearing completion of the Hartford Temple. As of August 16, more of the scaffolding has been removed from the upper walls of the temple. Additional walls in the west plaza area and more concrete sidewalks around the temple have been poured. The bronze exterior doors at the front entrance and the baptistry entrance have been installed. Installation of the granite around the base of the steeple continues to move up. The trailer, which housed the missionary office and visitor area, has been removed from the site. Seating has been installed in several of the interior rooms and interior finishes are in various stages of completion.

As of August 30, additional sidewalks and curbs have been installed. Light poles have been placed around the temple and ground lighting has been installed, which will illuminate the exterior walls of the temple. The landscaping contractor has planted several hundred shrubs and plants in the parking area islands and landscape areas. The exterior granite walls are complete and joints are being caulked. Several sections of site fence have been installed on the north side of the building. Finishes are continuing on the interior of the temple in preparation for furniture being brought into the building.

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